Building On Life's Disenfranchisements

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Welcome to Building on Life’s Disenfranchisements, a.k.a. The BOLD Project!

We are a 501c(3) nonprofit organization located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The BOLD Project is the brainchild of Founder & Executive Director Katrina A. Robinson. According to Robinson, the organization was born out of necessity, after noticing widening gaps in access, quality and affordability of care and services for individuals identifying as transgender.

For "Transgender" people, the simple task of walking outside of the front door could be life-threatening. Stigma, discrimination, and misinformation are commonplace barriers for transgender individuals, especially during their transition. Individuals who simply desire to live authentically, face disdain and violence within their own communities.

The BOLD Project strives to utilize this knowledge and in turn create more inclusive communities and increase access to programs and services. The vision for transgender individuals to not only survive but thrive as their authentic selves.

πŸ— BOLD is in active development

This website and the programs we hope to offer are works in progress. At this stage, feel free to sign up for an account so we can tell you when our doors are open, or you can email us directly to start a conversation. As our operations begin to take shape, more features will show up on this website, and we'll be able to start helping you with transitioning.

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We're here to support you throughout your transition

Transitioning to your true gender is exciting, but the medical and social landscapes of today present obstacles to people realizing their true selves. Gender-affirming surgery, financial stability, and emotional well-being can all feel like minefields without support and guidance from someone who's been there. That's where we come in: respecting that transitioning is a unique process for everyone, we strive to provide a reliable environment for you to ask questions, get advice, and obtain tangible support for each stage of your journey.

We call our program: Yours Truly

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We are currently developing our operations and connecting with people who feel this program is a fit. Email us to get started!